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Conflicts are a part of family life but family issues if not addressed can develop over time and impact all areas of your life. At Relationship Matters, we are here to provide advice to resolve conflicts within the family.

Modifying Child Custody Arrangements in a Divorce

A court can modify the custody and visitation arrangements of a child if it deems them to be in the child's best interests. There are several factors that may make a change necessary, but none of t...

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The Importance of Hiring Divorce Lawyers

If you are considering a divorce, you may want to consider hiring a divorce lawyer. These professionals are well-versed in divorce law, and will know which tactics are most effective. Although 90% ...

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Types of Child Custody

Going through a divorce can be physically and emotionally overwhelming experience but if you're a divorcing parent with kids, there are a lot of discussions, considerations about the legal guardian...

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How Legal Separation Lawyers Can Help You

There are a number of reasons why couples opt for legal separation over divorce. These reasons can include religious convictions that prevent the couple from divorcing, not wanting to share their p...

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